Tēthýs is a contemporary contortion solo that delves into the discovery of origin and destination. Drawing from an earlier dance solo “Metamers” created in 2022, this work was conceived between the shore and the sea in Mount Pelion, Greece in the summer 2022. Considering mythology and archetypes relating to human-animal hybrid existence and extending into the depths of the underwater world, Tēthýs dives deeper in the initial research in exploring the human journey through the life-death cycle. Embracing the unknown of the ocean, the only constant question is: who are we really? A journey of erosion, transformation and emersion. 

Direction/Choreography/Concept/Interpretation/Set Design/Costume Co-Design/Editor: Anna Protsiou 
Mentor: Silvia Gertrudix Gonzalez 
Rehearsal Assistance & Outside-Eye: Anastasia Evsigneeva 
Music: Rayannah 
Costume Co-Design & Construction: Tess Pallister 
Videography: Kayla Jeanson      
Photography: Jules Nerestant

Special “Thank you” to TOHU for the residency and Studio Angelica Bongiovanni and Studio Mariko Tanabe for the rehearsal space.

With the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts