“How does physical connection change relationships from hate to love, from mothering to suffocation...”

TANGLED is a choreographic duet and film created by Anastasia Evsigneeva with artistic input by Anna Protsiou. Three major inspirations were: the symbolism of hair in different cultures, the image of an old forest with a network of roots, and the image of conjoined twins. Through the expressive movement, circus elements, and powerful imagery, TANGLED takes the viewer on a unique journey. While tied together through a connected stream of consciousness, physically interconnected through the hair, the dancers test how this connection changes relationships; from hate to love, from mothering to suffocation.

Anna and Anastasia were inspired to create this film in addition to the live choreographic duet that is based on, to further expand on ideas portrayed in the choreography and discover new possibilities for development. Deeply influenced by the current situation with the pandemic worldwide, they thought it is the perfect timing to merge the two artforms of film and dance to explore a new dimension. The film also relates to the current reality of self-isolation and people feeling restricted in their movement and stuck together in small spaces. Anna and Anastasia were fortunate to raise the funds for this film through Kickstarter and to realize it. TANGLED film will always hold a special place in their heart because it is their first filmmaking project. The experience working on this film in such a pivotal time in their relationship and career, brought together many aspects of their artistic practice, deepened their artistic growth and also gave them valuable insights of the film world that nurtured future project ideas.


Choreography by Anastasia Evsigneeva with creative input by Anna Protsiou
Artists: Anna & Anastasia
Photography by Robert Wilson